We understand that no one sets out to deliberately receive a breach notice. You can be certain that your interactions with us will be as fair and ethical as possible. We choose to issue breach notices, rather than tow or clamp, because It is the best balance of enforcing car park rules against freedom of appeal, and importantly, your vehicle is not immobilized at any time.

Our enforcement is conducted by both static and mobile license plate recognition technology, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and a high-evidential threshold is achieved. Our fully trained staff review images of your vehicle and manually determine whether a breach notice should be issued. We believe that our processes are the most rigid and ethically correct in the industry. However, as with everything there are occasions where human error can happen, and in these instances we are happy to put things right.

EnforceiQ works in conjunction with Parking Australia to ensure that we do everything we can to be a quality enforcement agent. We assure you that any correspondence is strictly confidential, and that our business complies with all privacy laws. Our compliance methods comply with teh Code of Practice for Enforcement on Private Land. To learn more about the code, click here